At the recent Page Society Spring Seminar, which focused on the concept of influence, I had the pleasure of discussing the challenges and opportunities of creating inclusive and sustainable experiences in a rapidly changing digital landscape. In my talk, I touched upon three critical points that organizations should consider when designing experiences for the future.

  1. Design for Each: In the past, we've seen a rallying cry for "design for all," which often doesn't account for the diverse needs of users. I stressed the importance of designing for each individual, considering the unique requirements of different demographics and abilities.
  1. Digital Sustainability: Companies can leverage their existing efforts in digital accessibility, AI ethics, and inclusive technologies to contribute to their ESG strategies. This approach is not only an easy win but also a significant opportunity to report progress to stakeholders.
  1. Generative AI as a Solution: Generative AI has the potential to address individual needs and preferences while opening up new markets. By using AI to create tailored experiences, organizations can better engage with users and cater to their distinct digital requirements.

For a more in-depth look at these points and to read the transcript, please visit the full blog post on By embracing experience automation and its potential, we can build a more inclusive and sustainable digital future for everyone.

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